kinkyandslutty: I was growing more and more curious about the…


I was growing more and more curious about the bdsm world since I had seen an article online. I wanted to submit to my husband so bad and the idea of him slapping me around and choking me while we were having sex was making me very wet. I tried to ask my husband to make things a little more kinkier between the two of us but everytime he’d say that he couldn’t hit a woman, especially not his own wife. I was so disappointed and my cravings kept on growing stronger everytime he’d say no to me. One day that we were going to one of his office party, I decided that I had waited long enough.

I felt strong and I felt rebellious that night. I talked back the whole night, I flirted with a couple of his colleagues and made sure he saw me, I made him noticed my lack of panties under my dress and I even kissed his manager’s wife. I watched him with delight as I could almost feel the twitch and tingle grow in the palm of his hand as I was getting bolder in my actions. I knew he wanted to hit me so bad for acting like such an inadequate wife around the people who he works with and that’s the very first thing he did when we headed back to our house that night. He walked up to the couch and sit down, asked me to bend over his lap, pulled my dress over my ass and slapped it without even warning me. And he slapped me again and again as I felt him grow harder and harder against my stomach.

“Is that what you wanted you little slut? ” He asked as he hit me harder. “That’s for kissing Mary. And that one is for flirting with Paul. And this is because you’re such a slut you forgot your panties at home. You wanted to be punished like a little whore, didn’t you?” He screamed angrily as he kept on slapping me. I was squirming on his legs as I could feel the sting of his palm burning all over my ass cheeks.

“Yes. Hurt me more. Hurt my ass and then hurt me with your cock. Make my pussy regret disobeying you in public today. Oh god, fucking punish me for being such a dumb wife.” I moaned out as all I could think of was his hard cock poking my stomach. I couldn’t believe that hurting me had gotten him so hard and I smiled as I layed there onto his hard cock with my pussy dripping on his trousers and my cheeks becoming bright red. I knew that we had just opened a very kinky door that we could never close anymore. I had unleashed the beast out of my husband just like I wanted to and the single thought of it was so fullfilling that it made me came before he even started fucking me.

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