kinkyandslutty: I was tied up, naked, on my all fours and my…


I was tied up, naked, on my all fours and my face was pointing towards the end of the bed. I was blindfolded and I had music playing into my ears. I was restrained from almost all my senses in an hotel room that my boyfriend had rented for the night. I was waiting, patiently althought I could feel my pussy was already getting soaked. “Baby?” I asked him, quietly after I had been laying onto my stomach for what felt like several minutes already. He knew that I didn’t like waiting and I knew he was using it against me. He was testing my limit once again just like he always knew how to test them so well.

I felt a slight brush against the back of my thigh. A fingertip? Or a crop? It felt gentle but was he going to hit me any seconds? The thoughts were going through my mind as I felt some weight jumping onto the bed and going between my legs. Two hands grabbed my ass. The warm hands of my boyfriend or so I thought running down my legs and up to my inner thighs, stopping just a couple inches away from the warmth of my pussy. He spread my legs a litte more and pushed himself further to my dripping pussy. I felt the tip of his cock brushing against my hole and slowly making it’s way in. I frowned behind my blindfold. My boyfriend’s head cock felt differently shaped somehow but as he sank himself all the way in, the thought was quickly shaken off.

I started moving my hips lightly to meet his thrust and I opened my mouth to let a moan out only to have it greeted by a second cock. I almost bit it, in shock and I immediately wondered who’s cock was this and who’s cock was pounding my pussy? Did any of them even belonged to my boyfriend? I started asking myself but the feeling of having my mouth filled with a cock as my pussy got emptied by one and vice versa quickly shook my thoughts off once more and I let myself enjoy the moment without trying to overthink it. For the first time of my life, I actually felt like the real slut that I am; accepting those cocks in wichever holes they want to be regardless of who they belong to.

I suddenly felt the headphones being pulled out. I could now ear but the only sound I perceived was the slopiness of my wet pussy getting fucked and the choking of my throat being gagged and then the most amazing moment of my life suddenly happened– they both came at the same time. Filling my mouth and my pussy with their loads as they were still syncronized in pounding my holes. My mouth and pussy swallowed all of it althought I still had no idea who it was from. Then as they left my holes empty, they ripped the blindfold off my face and I had to close my eye for a few seconds as the bright light was very painful to them. I opened my left eye very slowly, a bit scared but as I looked up I saw my boyfriend’s warm smile and felt reassured in a way. I turned my head and saw my boyfriend’s best friend rubbing the left over of his cum on my ass cheek and I smiled at the both of them, excited by what had just happened.

And I wasn’t done with them. In fact we had just begun. I made them hard again with my hands. Then I started sucking my boyfriend then sucking his friend then going back to my boyfriend as their cocks inevitability rubbed against each other in the process. My boyfriend’s cock started to throb first and he pushed me gently, telling me he wanted to fuck me too. He layed on his side and I layed beside him, his cock poking at my pussy. I lifted my leg on his waist and guided him into my already cum filled pussy.

I felt some weight on the bed as my boyfriend started pounding me softly and his friend took place behind my ass, one of his leg against my back and his other one over my boyfriend’s waist. I felt his cock rubbing all around my boyfriend’s cock as I suppose he was lubing himself with my juice and his prior cum and then he prodded my asshole gently. My boyfriend groaned as his friend pushing into my ass made my pussy so much tighter on him and my moans grew louder too as having them both in me made me feel so full. I was overwhelmed and my body was trembling but there was no other place I would have rather been as they started fucking me and that we all came one after the other.

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