kinkyandslutty: It was friday night and my boyfriend and I had…


It was friday night and my boyfriend and I had planned a little party at our house. I was honestly a bit disappointed when I realised only two of his friends had made it but I opened the bottle of vodka and we started drinking just the four of us. I rarely had a night without the kids and so I was going to make the best out of it I told myself. We all got drunk rather quickly and the conversation got dirtier and dirtier as more alcohol was consumed.

“Eva fantasizes about getting gangbanged.” My boyfriend suddenly told them while smirking at me. It felt like I was melting on my chair as they all turned to me. I punched his shoulder and called him an idiot, I was so ashamed.

“Well, that can be arranged” One of them chuckled as his other friend said he’d only wish his girlfriend was as open minded as me.

“Shot gun on her mouth” The first one called, playfully. “As long as I get her pussy you two can have the rest. She’s not on birth control.” My boyfriend shrugged. I couldn’t fucking believe it. They were right in front of me deciding wich one of my holes they were going to fuck almost as if they were trying to decide wich seat they would get in a car. I looked insulted but the truth is I was slightly aroused by it too.

“Well, are we going to have to get you naked too?” My boyfriend asked. I knew this was the chance of my life. I shook my head and stripped in front of my boyfriend and his friends. They were glancing at me, enjoying the view but in a polite way. My boyfriend got naked too and layed on the couch. I straddled him and my pussy slid down his cock so easily. I had never been that wet in all my life.

One of his friend walked to my mouth and forced my head onto his cock. I had to focus twice as much now that I was riding my boyfriend’s cock and sucking his friend at the same time, trying to synchronized my pace on each. I gasped on the cock in my mouth when another one pressed against my asshole, slowly making it’s way in. A sharp pain went up to my stomach as it felt like they were about to tear my holes when they started thrusting in them to each their own speed.

The cock in my ass was the first one to unload. His cum filled my ass to the brim and as he pulled out I felt it dripped down to my boyfriend’s cock, slowly covering all of it. I tried to pulled myself away as I realised he was pushing all of his friend’s cum deep inside of my possibly fertile pussy but I was kept in place and couldn’t say a word from his friend fucking my mouth. My boyfriend started cumming too and so did I, exploding on his cock at the thought of having his friend’s cum mixing with his inside of me. His other friend pulled out of my mouth and came all over my face. I was bathing in cum and I was loving it. I was only hoping I wouldn’t have a little surprise in two weeks as I couldn’t tell who would have gotten me pregnant between my boyfriend and his friend.

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