kinkyandslutty: My boyfriend brings women to our house pretty…


My boyfriend brings women to our house pretty often and we have somewhat of a code. When he offers all of us to have a drink together I know that it means he wants me in with them later. Most of the time he doesn’t and I immediately go in the living room to let them do their things in the room my boyfriend and I share together. I put on a movie that I know I’ll barely watch. I’ll be too busy listening to their moans and all the different sounds of their bodies fucking each other. Sometimes I can not help myself but run into the room for a quick taste of her pussy. I stroke my boyfriend’s cock a few time since I know he won’t be fucking me that night and then I go back to the living room. My hand is always so wet from collecting all of the woman’s juice onto my boyfriend’s cock and I always end up using it as lube to make myself cum. Am I crazy for enjoying being left out of the fun just as much as being part of it?

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