You may have already answered this at some point but I didn’t see it. Asexual to the level of sexuality that you appear yo be at now is a huge jump. How did that happen? Any particular event or anything? Just curious.

When I learned what kinky sex was, that’s really when my appetite for sex grew. For exemple, I used to never suck my boyfriend’s cock because it was so boring. Same position, same speed, no deepthroat, the room in the complete dark. I think about it now and I tell myself that I was such a bad girlfriend lol. Then, I got curious about deepthroat and really messy head with lots of spit. I let myself go once and I absolutely loved it. Now, I suck him multiple times a week and I truly enjoy doing it. It was the same with sex, we experienced other positions, things got rougher, we tried new things.. and that’s how I learned to love sex.