I took my son on holiday for his 18th birthday.  He needed…

I took my son on holiday for his 18th birthday.  He needed something to take his mind of the fact his jerk father ran off on us just a few months ago, so I spared no expense renting a big house just on the seafront. He seemed to really enjoy himself and come out of the dark mood he’d been in for so long.

Now I’m about to put the final part of the plan into full swing, I’ve told him that I had a special birthday present for him and to come to my room before going to bed. He probably thinks he’ll get a bike or something like that. He will be so shocked when he see his mother is going to give herself to him. 

But I know he wants this, I’ve caught him leering at me when I’m wearing my little silk bathrobes.He is the man of the house now and deserves to have me when ever he wants, the thought of it is getting me so wet.

Oh here he comes now, I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he walks in