kinkyandslutty: I was his mistress for 5 years. God,.I loved…


I was his mistress for 5 years. God,.I loved him with all my heart. Every little chances he would have to get away from his wife he would be at my house with his cock inside of me. Oh, he kept telling me that he would eventually divorce his wife and move in with me but I never took his words seriously. After all, isn’t that what all married men tell their mistresses to keep them? I loved him deeply but I wasn’t a fool.

But then one day my door rang and when I opened it, I was shocked. He was there, smiling with a dozen boxes stacked up behind him. “It’s over with her.” He simply said as I opened the door wider to him. I was so happy. My dream was coming true althought I had never even imagined him being with me one day. I was finally going to be his girlfriend. I helped him got all of his boxes inside and we stripped right away. I wanted his cock even more now that we were officially a couple. He sat on one of the boxes on the floor and snapped his fingers down. I knew what I had to do. I loved the way he was always so dominant with me. Never asking me to do things but ordering me around instead. It was a big change from all of the other men I’ve slept with before and god was it making my little pussy wet.

I quickly dropped on my all fours and immediately started sucking his cock just like he was expecting me to. I looked up and tried to make eye contact with him but I froze when I realised he was too busy with his phone in one hand to look back at me. He pushed my head back down making me choke on his cock and grabbed a handful of my hair. I heard him dialing a number and a feminine voice answering him.

“Are you free tonight? We haven’t seen each other in a while.” He asked the woman on the line. I tried to stop sucking him but he pulled my head up by my hair and pushed it back down again, making me suck him even faster while he was trying to plan a date with the woman I was barely hearing talk through his phone. “I’ll be there at 8 then.” He told her and he hung up. He locked my head onto his cock and shot his entire load into my throat before letting go of me.

It suddenly hit me right in the face. Now that I was his girlfriend, he needed a new mistress and he clearly wasn’t going to be as discreet with her as he had been with me to his wife for the past 5 years.