free-use-universe: “Damn it…was that really all they had for me…


“Damn it…was that really all they had for me today?”

Isabelle muttered a sigh under her breath as she stepped off the bus and glanced at the unbelievably minuscule amount of cum staining her shirt and skirt. She was definitely not used to having so few strands and ropes of semen strewn about her clothing, and for good reason—her school prevented female students entry unless they had a measurable, proper mess on them, gauged by the usually stern and unforgiving “cum checker” who remained at the campus’ front gates. Sometimes, depending on assigned professor, girls could get through with less than usual, but Isabelle remembered that today was Professor Raymond’s shift and bit her tongue in vexation. He was far too rigorous to let this shamefully pathetic array of white stains qualify as “thoroughly used.” She shook her head in annoyance, experiencing disbelief that the eleven men who fucked her at different times throughout her 45-minute commute had only produced this much collective cum. They must have had already drained their balls prior on other girls very recently…how unlucky for Isabelle.

With a defeated sigh of frustration, Isabelle took a small detour, straying from her usual path from the bus stop to campus and opting to spend some time at the campus’ outer park nearby. There was a local installation of cumdump racks for girls who shared her unfortunate predicament—since there was no sex allowed on campus or in class, her male peers would often hang around the racks before classes and get one last round in for the morning, but they had to cum on the girls’ clothes to help them meet their quota. It was a beautiful symbiotic relationship of sorts that Isabelle appreciated. She had about a half hour before she needed to be on campus, which she hoped would be enough time for a few guys to dirty her up to the point where even Professor Raymond would find her appropriately drenched in fluids.

As she reached the park and approached the small array of racks with girls in a variety of positions, some of which happily chatted and giggled with one another while they were gangbanged and facialized by students and adult strangers alike, Isabelle decided that she would simply lay down on her back. In no time at all, a boy found his way to her—Eric from Advertising and Marketing 105? Or was that voice Derek’s from Psychology? She didn’t bother to check. Whoever it was, he wasted no time inserting himself into her freshly used vagina, pumping her wildly. Disconnected from his feverish pounding, she pulled out her headphones and smartphone, listening to music while reviewing materials for her upcoming Organic Chemistry exam.

At least she wouldn’t have to deal with this sort of nonsense in class. Even if getting enough cum on her to be allowed entrance onto campus was a bit of trial somedays, it was better than trying to learn and take tests while riding cock after cock. It wasn’t that Isabelle couldn’t handle it, but rather that she simply preferred not to. That was why she chose this university—all she had to do was be used thoroughly enough before school and keep the cum on her clothes and face all day to display that she “has done her part for society and received a respectable amount of semen before pursuing a studious and engaging daily education,” or however the administrators and guidance counselors like to put it.

Now…what were the three representations of an organic compound again? Isabelle would have to quiz herself…

( source : Nana Ogura – XV-940 )