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“Now, can anyone tell me what major event ignited this war? Anyone? Laura, how about y—oh, you’re a little preoccupied, haha! I’m sorry about that. Andrew, how about you?”

Laura found herself thanking whatever cosmic deity might rule the universe as her World History professor didn’t force her to answer the question. It wouldn’t have been impossible or anything—this wasn’t the first time she had been assigned the duties of the campus’ Oral Service Representative for the week, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. Even beyond her duty to suck whatever cock found its way into her mouth during school hours, she was more than used to having something or other spearing one hole or another. Speaking while giving a blowjob wasn’t the issue, but rather, it was the simple principle of the matter.

The fact was that the professors of her university didn’t have to pass such a question solely because a girl had her mouth occupied or full of cum. There was no such rule. No, some professors would insist on them answering their questions regardless, leading to the usual mess of mumbled speech and garbled drawl. Maybe they enjoyed it or found it amusing. Laura, however, absolutely hated it. They didn’t seem to understand that above all else, she was the current week’s Oral Service Representative—in a student population comprised of over 450 boys, she was the only one they could deepthroat or get blown by! Her duty to allow her male peers to do as they please with her mouth extended beyond what many girls considered to be the usual inconvenience. Sure, a lot of girls signed up for the Service Representative positions due to how taking on the roles doubled as community service hours, making meeting yearly community service requirements much easier, but for Laura, it wasn’t about that at all. It was an almost patriotic sense of duty to her. There were girls like Valerie, this week’s Anal Service Representative, or Monica, last week’s Breast Service Representative, or the others who just ignored the guys using them, only caring about the hours being filled out. Laura was nothing like that. She always encouraged the boys to make full use of her mouth at their leisure. She was genuine in her efforts, appeasing to them however best she could, and she felt like she was doing her duties right by doing so.

Unless she had to talk as boys drilled her mouth. At that point, she felt like she was doing something wrong, which was why she absolutely detested when a professor got stubborn and insisted she answered. How could she perform her duties as a right and proper cumdump if she had to talk? Her mouth was there to act as a safe haven for any and all guys to release their pent up semen, not to answer stupid questions! Sudden movements of her lips or tongue might go against the wishes of whatever guy was using her…sure, it might be a petty thing to be worried about for some, but she knew that an honorable Service Representative would just let the guys do their thing. Just thinking about the times where she had to speak and momentarily ruined the guy’s flow and movements of their thrusts deep into her throat made her roll her eyes in annoyance. Professor Henderson for Calculus was definitely the worst offender. There could be a line of boys next to her desk, notebooks in hand and actively writing notes while waiting for their turn to empty their balls down her throat, and Professor Henderson would stand there with that dumb, smug grin on his face. “I know you can talk, Laura. Whenever you’d like to share the solution, feel free.”

She would have to be sure to not register for his Calculus II course and to find a more understanding professor instead…

Thankfully, her lectures for today today all had mellow and chilled professors, so Laura would be able to relax and take solace in the fact that she wouldn’t have to disturb the pleasure of those using her mouth so rigorously with awkward cock-filled speech.

[ source : Dare mo Ore ga Wakaranai nara Tanetsuke Shimakutte mo Mondainai daro! ]