Princess Leia the Dark side’s secret agent  an…

Princess Leia is held up as the heroine and
spiritual leader of the rebel forces, but the story you have been told is not
the truth. The real story is much different The real story begins at the start
of episode IV-A new hope when Leia’s ship gets captured by the Sith Lord Darth
Vader up until then the story you have been told is true, but the rest of the
story has been hidden from you.

After days of the usual interrogation the Empire found they could not break
Leia’s loyalty to the Rebel forces and even Vader mind trick did not work so
Vader made a request to the Emperor that he be given the task of breaking her
spirit, and was excited that the emperor granted his request as it would be the
first time he would trial his new Dark insemination interrogation system.

Vader ordered that the prisoner be brought to his private quarters then he be
given complete privacy, when the storm troopers delivered he ordered them to
chain her up then told them to leave. The prisoner was her usual strong willed
and sassy self, laughing at Vader because his mind trick didn’t work and saying
she would never betray her people. Vader just sat staring at her for moments
then he put his plan into action. She used the forced to rip every shed of
clothing from her body, that made her shut up and he seen fear enter her eyes.


He then revealed his massive 15” long and inch
thick cock (a special request he had made of the emperor when they modified his
body all those years ago). He smirked as he watched as the usually headstrong,
defiant and sassy princess whole demeanor changed to one of abject fear as she
saw the gigantic cock and began to get an idea of what was coming. “Now
you will feel the true power of the dark side”

Vader told her and used the forced to pull her body to him, She screamed in
peril as she felt the gigantic member enter her. Vader push through her hymen which
offered little resistance to his massive robotic assisted cock. The rebel
scum screamed in pain as his shaft penetrated deep inside her body.


Vader began to ravage the rebel scum leader to break her
spirit but it was the he got a surprise as he detected an extraordinarily high
level of midichlorians in
her only a Jedi or Sith would have had such high levels, he had never sensed
such high levels ever before. He used his powers to search her DNA and got the
2nd shock when he found it was unusually similar to his own and that
of his son Luke who she had been tracking from after since his birth waiting
for him to become a man. There was only one possible way this could happen,
this rebel leader was his daughter and it dawned on him the Padme had given
birth to twins a boy and a girl. Obi-Wan and Yoda must of worked together to
hide this fact from him, it made him furious to have had been deceived so and
without realising her began to take his aggression out on his Daughter’s pussy,
suddenly he was brought back to reality when he realised the prisoner was no
longer screaming in fear but moaning in pleasure and working her own body again
the massive member inside her

“Oh god this feels so good, fuck me good make me
a whore of the dark side”  
moaned and the Sith Lord found he had lost control, he had not felt passion
like this since Padme, listening to this once proud figure head of the rebels
beg him to fuck her


After a few more minutes he felt his body shake and her
pussy convulse and his robotic cock get soaked in her womanly juices she gave a
moan of pleasure then he felt his own body shake and his cock spewed it juices
inside her. They both then collapsed together with each other’s bodily fluids
spewing out of each other

was so amazing, I now know the true power of the Dark side and want to serve
you my Lord”  
Leia purred and she
hugged her new master tight. It was then the Vader got the idea of how to bring
the final victory for the Sith and the Dark side over the Jedi and the light

He explained to his Daughter of her true self that she was his daughter and had
potential to be a true master of the force, about how the Jedi and her adoptive
parents had deceived her denying her the right to become what she was born to
be and how they had set her twin brother up to become a Jedi whilst denying her
the same right. He then felt the hate grow inside his daughter.

do I get me vengeance on that Jedi scum?”

She asked het then explained his grand plan.
She would become the Sith’s secret agent, Leia would play act like the rebel
leader she was before her conversion to the dark side. So he let Han, Obi-wan
and Luke invade his ship and Leia played the part of the damsel in distress. He
also used to opportunity to kill is old master Obi Wan the one person he feared
would suss out his evil plan They would let Leia resume her place at the head
of the rebel leadership thinking she was working with them to overthrow the
empire and the sith but secretly she would be feeding information back to her
father, helping him hunt down any remaining Jedi He let his daughter play a
part in the rebels victory over the emperor and he convinced his son Luke he
had turned back to the light side when he save his son from the Emperor’s wrath
then cast his former master into the engines of the ship. Luke fully believed
his father had changed and that the Jedi were now free of their enemy Sith. He
then faked his own death making the rebel council believe he was no longer a
threat and Vader instructed Leia to switch her father’s body before Luke burned

Vader now seat about the 2nd stage of
his plan creating a dynasty of Sith Lords that would rule the Galaxy for
centuries to come (which had always been a dream of his but after his body
upgrades he had lost the ability to produce offspring).  So after he had completed the training of his
Sith apprentice and daughter Leia he instructed her to seduce her brother and
become pregnant with a pure bred child that would be strong in the force. A
child he and his daughter could secretly train in the methods of the Dark side.
As soon as she could Leia used her growing powers and feminine ways to deceive
and seduce Luke, 


She got such a trill seducing her nave twin
then feeling his pure seed spread to her fertile young womb. that she fucked him several times just to make sure she was pregnant with her brothers  rich seed.

Vader used his powers to wipe Luke’s memory of
being seduced then Leia got his new friend Han Solo drunk and convinced him
they had made love and she was pregnant with his child not that of her

Then came a surprise for Vader and Leia out she was pregnant with twins, Vader
couldn’t of hoped for better as he now had two Midi-chlorian high children to
train in his ways. But he knew Luke would eventually sense the true identity of
the children and discover they were not his niece and nephew but his son and
daughter. So he instructed Leia to kill her brother, Leia again seduced her
brother and then killed him during their lovemaking. 


She smiled over him as he
died telling him of how his father was still alive and how the dark side was
going to take over the galaxy, with his father, sister and his children at its

Now with the last Jedi dispatched with, Vader reappeared and with his
daughter crushed the last remaining shoots of the rebel’s resistance. Leia and
Vader ruled the galaxy with an Iron fist for another decade training Leia’s children 

Jaina and Jacen  to become Sith Lords. 


Then a tragedy struck leia as her father and master passed away, but she love him right to the end hugging him as the last of life drained out of her father want to be with him to the very end


After morning the loss of their, father, grandfather, master and family figurehead Leia’s children Jaina and her
twin brother Jacen took their place at their mother’s side as rulers of the
galaxy. They lived how they wanted and whilst they showed no mercy to any opposition
to their empire, they truly loved each other and expressed their love through
sexual lust.  


Until Leia passed away 20 years later going to joining her father in the force after life Jaina and Jacen continued the ways of the Skywalker dynasty


 They had 4 children together 2 girls and 2 boys all of who were trained as they had been and the Skywalker dynasty ruled the galaxy for decades to come, breeding pure bred sith master after pure bred sith master